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Chinese Journal of Geriatrics Research Editorial

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* Chinese Journal of Geriatrics Research Editorial
Chinese Journal of Geriatrics Research is supervised by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association, inclusively undertaken by the Zhejiang Hospital, and published by the Chinese Medical Multimedia Press. As an electronic journal for original primary documents, the Chinese Journal of Geriatrics Research (Electronic Edition) integrates texts, graphs, images, dynamic photos, audios, and videos, instead of issuing CD-ROM discs packaged with the annual bound edition of the print magazines. This changes the one-way information transmission to interactive communication, greatly enriching the journal's contents and forms. We especially welcome the following contributions: expert reviews or interpretations of varied guidelines (texts or PPT files); experts' video lectures (videos); reports on academic conferences (videos, audios, or texts); clinic and basic works. Please email your contributions to zhlnbyj@126.com, or contact 0571-81595383 or 87962132.