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Zhejiang Provincial Medical Research Ethics Administration Office

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In 2017, the former Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province established the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Research Ethics Administration Office ("the Office" for short), which is affiliated to Zhejiang Hospital and incorporates Zhejiang Provincial Medical Research Ethics Quality Control Center ("the Quality Control Center" for short). This move was to further enhance ethics administration in this province, regulate the standardized construction and operation of ethics committees for human-concerned biomedical research all over Zhejiang, and ensure the protection of all human subjects' health and rights.

The Office is mainly responsible for proposing major suggestions on policies of and general development planning and annual plans on medical ethics administration, and carrying them out; organizing experts to draft management standards, systems, regulations, and instructions about medical ethics; instructing medical and health organizations in Zhejiang Province to innovate works concerning medical ethics, organizing reviews and assessments of the province's medical ethics developments, and formulating work summaries and development reports regularly; reporting on construction and progress of the province's medical ethics committees and major ethical issues to the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province; assuming the role as the Secretariat of Medical Ethics Expert Commission of Zhejiang Province.

The Quality Control Center is mainly responsible for developing medical research ethics-related quality control standards for the province; organizing training on medical research ethics quality control; developing professional quality control plans and implementation programs for medical research ethics, conducting quality control audits, providing feedback on the results of the audits, and implementing corrective recommendations; establishing and improving the medical research ethics quality control network and guiding ethics quality control agencies in cities and counties; promoting the information construction of ethics quality control and building a database of quality control information; investigating and demonstrating the work of institutional ethics committees in terms of site setting, facility allocating, personnel qualifications, and status reviewing, and providing basis for decision making; completing other tasks assigned by the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province and the Office.