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Descriptions of Other Scientific Teaching and Training in 2021

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Our hospital receives the first program of “Training of Geriatrics Talents” from The Aged Health Department of National Health Commission in 2021, the first team of 17 geriatrics talent training physicians have successfully finished their training and have obtained certificates of qualification, the second team of 13 physicians are being trained currently, and will finish their training in the mid of December.

     6 national urgently-needed talents and county-level keybone specialty physicians of Zhejiang Province in 2021 will be received by our hospital in 2021, respectively covering specialties as ultrasonic diagnostics, rehabilitation medicine, anesthesiology and respiratory and critical care medicine; 6 general-practice job-transfer training physicians of Zhejiang Province will be received as well. Currently, there are 6 national-level urgently-needed talents, 5 county-level backbone specialty physicians and 1 Guizhou Province Medical Talent are being trained.