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Our college held a red orientation campaign for party history learning and education

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Run a "red landscape"

Set off a "red wave"

Led a "red trend"

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and strengthen the learning and education of the Party history, on November 4, our hospital held a red orienteering campaign of "Passing on the fire and building the dream of Zhejiang Medicine". The activity was hosted by Chen Jun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the hospital.



Yan Jing, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, made a statement. First of all, he fully affirmed the activity and put forward four requirements: he hoped that the teams would inherit the revolutionary spirit of firm belief and positive attitude through the red orientation campaign; improve the cooperation spirit of teamwork and determination; enhance the professional spirit of saving lives and helping the wounded; stimulate the spirit of struggle of daring to break through and defy hardship; and also hoped that the players could compete in style, elegance and we also hope that the players can compete with their style, performance and skill at the same time, internalize the Party history learning and education in their hearts, externalize it in their actions, and contribute to the people's health and hospital development.

There are 36 teams in this red orienteering campaign, each team consists of at least one party member, one team member and one mass, Party Secretary Yan Jing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Chen Jun, Party Committee member, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee He Xiaobo, Party Committee member, Vice President Song Bosun and Wan Shu, Vice President Huang Jun, Party Committee member Tang Lijiang and Qin Guangyue actively participated in it as supporters, giving full play to the "Party building leads", so that the party building leads the group building and closely contacts the masses.

The activity set 10 punching points, the participating teams need to go to the 10 punching points to complete the knowledge quiz and "gunfire to take the pioneer" "red heart beating" "hero bomb bunker" "Electronic health insurance 'gas station'" "golden fish hook" "three-step strategy" "Ripple", "First Aid Warrior", "Sending Chicken Letters", "Wise Eyes Identify Chinese Medicine" and other breakthrough tasks. The activity not only tests the physical quality, but also examines the learning effectiveness; it requires solid knowledge of Party history for each team member, and the ability of 36 teams to work together.

This activity not only integrates party history learning and education into "orienteering", but also tests the effectiveness of party history learning and education in the hospital in the form of orienteering race, which really achieves faith in the heart and firm direction of the hospital with faith, and also integrates the work and culture of the hospital into "orienteering". In the "orienteering", the orienteering race was used to plant the love of the hospital among the staff, to really have the power under the feet and measure the speed of the hospital development with the footsteps.

List of the top ten finalist teams

Activity testimonial

This activity, combining education and competition, reminds the masses of party members through knowledge quiz and special activities that they cannot forget the red history and should learn from history and carry on the past, further creating an atmosphere of party members and cadres taking the lead in learning and improving, taking the lead in striving for excellence, taking the lead in serving the masses, taking the lead in abiding by the law and taking the lead in promoting righteousness, and urging everyone to actively strive for excellence, create advancement and promote harmony.

The activity integrates party building, medicine, entertainment and sports, combining party building knowledge and branch characteristics in an orderly manner, allowing participants to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere, learning about party building knowledge, understanding the characteristics of different branches, and promoting the enthusiasm of learning through group collaboration.

In the rousing sound of trumpets, the sweat of youth was waved, and the team cohesion and sense of organizational honor were enhanced in the running and competition. "Click, click, click", behind a group photo, our fiery hearts were all connected together.

Source: Organization and Personnel Department

Written by: Organization and Personnel Department Wang Xiao