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Zhejiang Hospital on the 2022 Ningbo City Science and Technology Award to declare the results of the public

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According to the requirements of "Notice on Organizing the Nomination Work of Ningbo Science and Technology Award for 2022" on the website of Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, the results to be declared by Zhang Jianxing of our hospital are now publicized, and the information is as follows.

Title of achievement: precise orthodontic treatment mechanism based on biomechanical response of periodontal tissue

Unit of completion: Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Hospital

Major accomplishment and working unit: (1) Jianlei Bear (Ningbo Vocational and Technical College)

(2) Liu Yunfeng (Zhejiang University of Technology)

(3) Zhang Jianxing (Zhejiang Hospital)

(4) Lv Tao (Ningbo Institute of Vocational Technology)

(5) Xu Liangwei (Ningbo Vocational and Technical College)

Public announcement period: 9 May - 16 May 2022 (7 days) If you have any objections, please reflect them to the hospital within this period, reflecting the issues should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts. Reflections can be made by letter, call or person, contact person and contact information: Li Huanhuan, 81595187.

Department of Science and Education

May 9, 2022