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Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics/Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics

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Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics are both affiliated with Zhejiang Hospital, which is the only academic institution for the prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases and basic research in Zhejiang Province. After more than 30 years of development, the Institute now has 21 full-time researchers and staff (including 13 PhD holders and 5 foreign students); the current Director of the Institute and Laboratory Director is Professor Yan Jing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Hospital, and the Deputy Director/Deputy Director is Researcher Mao Genxiang.

In February 1982, the Zhejiang Geriatrics Research Laboratory was established; in 1993, it was approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Committee (formerly the Provincial Health Department) to be transformed into the Zhejiang Geriatrics Research Institute; at the end of 2009, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department approved the construction of the Zhejiang Geriatrics Key Laboratory, and it successfully passed the acceptance test in 2012.

In 1997, the discipline of "Geriatric Medicine" was included in the construction of the key disciplines of Zhejiang Province, and in 2007, on the basis of this, the construction of the key discipline group of "Geriatric Medicine" was obtained. 2012, "Intensive Care Medicine In 2012, "Intensive Care Medicine" and "Anti-aging Medicine" were included in the first batch of medical support disciplines and innovative disciplines construction plan of Zhejiang Province respectively; at the same time, "Intensive Care Medicine" became the scientific and technological innovation team of Zhejiang Province and was listed as the first batch of national key clinical specialties. In 2018, it became the international scientific and technological cooperation base for geriatric research in Zhejiang Province.

The laboratory was moved from Building 7 of Lingyin Campus of Zhejiang Hospital to Sandun Campus in early 2019, and is now located on the sixth floor of the outpatient clinic of Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital, with a dedicated laboratory area of about 4,063m2, mainly including an open laboratory, a stem cell laboratory, a PCR laboratory, a biological sample storage centre and a pharmacokinetic laboratory. In terms of experimental equipment, it is equipped with research instruments and equipment such as time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometer, Roche quantitative PCR instrument and real-time cell analyzer, BD flow cytometer (analysis & sorting), laser confocal (ZISS LCM900), Beckman ultracentrifuge and particle size analyzer, Burroughs electrophoresis system and chemiluminescence imaging system, with a total value of nearly RMB 40 million.

Since its establishment, the Key Laboratory of Geriatric Medicine of Zhejiang Province has been closely focusing on the main directions: research on aging mechanism and intervention, research on geriatric critical illness and immunity and research on geriatric metabolic diseases. The laboratory has undertaken the special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China for cooperation in science and technology between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, a major project of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the creation of major new drugs, 15 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 20 projects of the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, as well as the special project of the Milstein Medical Association (MMAAP) Foundation for geriatrics. MMAAP Foundation Geriatrics Scholarship Program and Foundation Program, etc. He has been awarded the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the National Health Commission, and the First, Second and Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhejiang Province. More than 100 SCI papers have been published; more than 30 monographs have been published. At the same time, the laboratory actively cooperates with domestic and foreign experts and peers, including the Johns Hopkins University Center for Geriatrics and the National Institutes of Health NIH, etc. All members of the laboratory have shown a vigorous spirit and are striving for progress, vowing to make outstanding contributions to geriatrics in our province, China and the world.


Contact information

Address: 1229 Gudun Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310030, P.R. China

Laboratory Director: Yan Jing, 0571-87987373; E-mail:zjicu@vip.163.com

Deputy Laboratory Director: Mao Genxiang, 0571-87377772; E-mail:maogenxiang@163.com