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【Safe Production Month】Usher in the 20th Congress, “Safe Production Month” and “Safe Production Ten-Thousand-Mile Journey” Series Activities Organized by Zhejiang Hospital

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June in this year is the 21st National Safe Production Month, with the theme of abiding by the Work Safety Law and be the first responsible person, In order to fully implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important discussion on production safety, according to the Notice of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission Office on the Safe Production Month in 2022, Zhejiang Hospital organized various forms to carry out the Safe Production Month activity through careful deployment.


In-depth study and understanding, strengthen the mission of responsibility

Yan Jing, the Party Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital performed the mobilization for Safe Production Month” and Safe Production Ten-Thousand-Mile Campaign” on the weekly meeting of the hospital on June 1st, and all the functional departments and departments of the hospital were required to mobilize extensively, implement safety responsibilities, promote safety development, and effectively promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and production safety. After the meeting, the special deployment meeting for the Safe Production Month” campaign was organized for the meeting, Chen Jun, President of the hospital conducted deployments for the specific work of the campaign, and required all departments to attach great importance and actively participate in it, so as to effectively achieve the purpose of promoting work by activities and ensuring safety by activities, and to comprehensively enhance the safe production level of the hospital.

A meeting of the (expanded) Theory Learning Center Group of the hospital Party Committee was held at the hospital on June 14th, the management level watched the video Major Safe Production Accidents and Incidents in 2021” on the meeting, carefully studied and publicized the 15 measures for safe production, and accelerated the leading cadres to firmly establish the concept of people the utmost and life the utmost. Yan Jing conveyed the spirit of studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion on production safety, and the relevant leaders in charge reported the recent self-inspection situation and the current rectification situation in combination with the work in charge.


Unified deployment

Multi-dimensional hospital safety exercises and training

In order to cooperate this Safe Production Month activity, the Security Department has undertaken the regular risk-eliminating security” action, combine with the work safety inspection activities, focus on the service places of key groups, conduct a comprehensive investigation of various safety risks and hidden dangers, improve the emergency medical rescue capacity, and organize all ward to carry out fire training and drills, carry out fire fighting, hazardous chemicals and anti-fraud training for hospital training, planning training and interns, further enhance the fire-fighting safety awareness from the extensive staff of the hospital and the people, their knowledge about fire-fighting safety and escape skills have been improved, and a good foundation has been laid for ensuring the safety of life and property in the hospital, and building a safe hospital atmosphere; The public security departments were invited to carry out special investigation on production safety in key areas such as anti-terrorism equipment, monitoring centers and hazardous chemical warehouses in the two hospitals.


Make a painstaking investigation

Ensure medical care and hospital feeling safety

The medical department has carried out a comprehensive and meticulous inspection of production safety in all key areas and departments of the hospital, leaders of key departments and personnel on duty are required to improve safety awareness, strictly implement the 18 core systems, and especially to do a good job in medical safety work and epidemic prevention and control work,the problems found in the inspection are rectified in time, and zero tolerance for potential safety risks should be achieved to ensure the orderly development of medical work. More than 20 exercises and safety training sessions were organized, such as cardiopulmonary arrest emergency drill, emergency surgery emergency drill for critically ill patients, emergency drill and stroke rescue emergency drill, etc.

The nursing department conducts a special nursing quality inspection on all nursing units, and carry out safety education seminar, concentrated publicity, training and guidance and other activities with the theme of I am a safety whistle, combined with the nursing core system, common emergency plan, job responsibilities and other learning, find the safety risks around and rectify the implementation. Organize the drill of safety production related plans for nursing staff to further enhance the nursing staff's emergency treatment ability and risk prevention awareness of emergencies.


The Hospital Infection Management Department has carried out the infection control risk investigation work with the theme of “everyone is an infection control practitioner” throughout the hospital, has carried out hospital awareness risk assessment for key groups, key links and key departments of infection control, and has completed more than 40 risk assessment forms; actively rectify and implement high-risk links, further improve the implementation of the hospital prevention and control system for hospital awareness, and achieve zero tolerance for hospital awareness; cooperate with multiple departments to carry out hospital infection risk investigation and improve risk prevention awareness; organize emergency disposal drills for the loss, leakage and diffusion of medical waste to improve its prevention and control capabilities; encourage all the staff to participate in the report of hospital risks, especially frontline clinical staff, so that everyone could participate in epidemic prevention and control and practice infection control measures.




Standardize the logistics management of production safety

Consolidate information network security

Combined with the actual situation of the safety production, the logistics management center carried out in-depth special inspection, focusing on the canteen, boiler gas facilities, elevator, liquid oxygen, medical gas, sewage, high distribution and other power equipmentconduct safety inspection in various areas, such as medical waste, hazardous waste management, prevention and emergency flood prevention, do a good job in safety supervision in key parts, form a "safety inspection weekly report", mutual supervision, and further strengthen and standardize the basic management of production safety.


The Information Center has steadily promoted the information and network security, according to the "network protection action", has improved the hospital network security self-protection system, has carried out vulnerability scanning and penetration testing on the hospital website and has undertaken pertinent protections; combine with documents Temporary Measures on Management of Public Data Open and Safety in Zhejiang Province, The Law of The Peoples Republic of China on Data Safety, The Law of The Peoples Republic of China on Personal Information Protection and other cases, in undertaking the network safety propaganda work by studying through Dingding; Check the network security of nucleic acid testing related points, and carry out emergency treatment emergency drill, improve the emergency response plan for major risks in the hospital production environment, strengthen daily training, and improve the emergency level.

Safety engineers are on duty for the “net protection action”



Rich ad colorful propaganda and education activities

Safety awareness is deeply rooted in the peoples mind

While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the hospital is coordinating with various publicity and education activities of the “Safe Production Month” by centering with the Safe Production Month, starting from the political height of adhering to the “two establishment” and achieving the “two maintenance”, strengthen the warning and exposure of risks and hidden dangers, expose typical occupational health illegal cases, and standardize the popularization of emergency medical treatment, and extensive offline and online training on CPR and other medical rescue knowledge have been carried out to continuously improve safety awareness.

The hospital has carried out the comprehensive publicity and education to the staff, and organized to watch and study the special TV video Life is more important than Mountain Tai-Study General Secretary Xi Jinpings Important Discourse on Safe Production; has played the safe production education videos via Dingding and Wechat groups and studied materials online; has put up safety promotion posters in show windows and has played safe production propaganda videos on LED screens of the Outpatient Building. All staff of the hospital have finished the firefighting knowledge training and live streaming for prevention against the telecom and network frauds titled Police and doctors are cooperative in anti-fraud, and a favorable atmosphere for implementing safe production responsibilities has been established.


The hospital will take this work safety month activity as an opportunity to compare the work deployment of work safety of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, consolidate the main responsibility, and resolutely maintain the stability of the work safety situation in the field of health and health care, make every effort to improve the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, safety prevention and control systems, consolidate the hospital safety production and stability situation, promote the health system safety production month activities to be implemented within the entire province, and create a favorable safe environment for the successful holding of the Partys 20th Congress.

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Compiled by: Guo Jun and Wu Jing from Propaganda and United Front Work Department

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