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Special Meeting Held by Party Committee of Our Hospital to Learn, Convey and Implement the Spirit from the 15th Party Congress

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A special meeting is held by Zhejiang Hospital Party Committee in the afternoon of June 29th, to convey, learn and implement the spirit from the 15th Party Representative Congress. Yan Jing, the Party Committee Secretary chaired the meeting and delivered a special lecture, representatives of the party and government leading bodies, all middle-level cadres, party branch secretaries, heads of democratic parties, heads of mass groups and members of the youth theory study and research branch attended the meeting.

Its pointed out on the meeting that the 15th Party Representative Congress of the Province is the first party congress of our province to enter a high level of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization, high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration area, it highlights the Zhejiang struggle for the second goal in one hundred exploration, makes more contributions to the national overall situation of pioneer consciousness and struggle attitude, has been clear about the road in the second one hundred new coordinates, and guides Zhejiang towards a new journey, a new era, create a new future program of action, with the important milestone significance.

Its highlighted on the meeting that soundly studying and implementing the spirit of the provincial Party Congress is a major political task at present and in the future. The Party members and cadres of the college should quickly unify their thoughts and actions to the spirit of the provincial Party Congress, and set off the upsurge of learning, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the provincial Party Congress, guided by the two-priority struggling objective, benchmark the specific objectives raised by the Provincial Health Commission striving to be a pilot province for health modernization and striving to be a pilot province for high-quality development of governmental hospitals by centering with the overall objective requirements of health modernization, grasp the five work guidance in winning by innovation, remolding by reforms, risk control, joint construction and sharing and be practical and realistic, and fully promote the better high-quality development of the hospital.

Yan Jing pointed out at the meeting that the party construction is the key to all the work of the hospital, to promote the high-quality development of the hospital in upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the Party, the requirements of clean hospital construction throughout the whole process of hospital construction, to escort the health and safety development of the hospital. He stressed that the high-quality development of hospitals is a systematic project with rich connotation and arduous task, which should focus on multiple dimensions, such as high-quality party building, high-quality medical treatment, high-quality scientific research, high-quality teaching, high-quality service and high-quality management, act in the same direction for integrated acceleration, particularly focus on the requirements raised by the Provincial Party Congress, actively responding to the aging population, and exploring the overall resolution to one old and one young, and perfecting the inclusive pension, parenting services and policy system, actively respond to the province's national strategy of coping with the aging of the population, take the initiative to undertake the tasks of formulating industry standards, training professionals and carrying out quality control, and strive to build a provincial geriatric specialized medical highland.

Its required by the meeting that all party members and cadres should take the lead in publicizing and implementing the spirit of the provincial Party Congress, in learning and understanding, in the propaganda out of the hard recruit, in the implementation of the actual effect, the implementation of the spirit of the provincial Party Congress and the current work together, with the actual work results to test the learning results.

Meanwhile, the special study meeting for the 15th Party Congress is held by the Theory Study Center Group of the hospital in the afternoon of June 28th, and the members of the Center Group discussed their learning experiences in depth in combination with their respective work in charge.

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Source: Party Committee Office

Copy-Writer: Zhu Xiaofang from Party Committee Office

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