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Usher in the 20th People’s Congress, Start Endeavoring A New Journey, the “July 1” Party Member Meeting Held at the Hospital

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Celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China  


The year 2022 will be an important year for China to enter a comprehensive journey into building a modern socialist country and enter a new journey toward the second centenary goal  and its the year for our party to hold the 20th Congress.

On the afternoon of June 30, the 2022 Party Member Meeting of Zhejiang Hospital is held in Sandun Hospital Area to celebrate the 101th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to summarize the achievements in party construction, and pilot the hospital in achieving new development, new transcending and new honors with the new achievements in party construction.

The party committee members of the hospital, person-in-charge of party and governmental international institutions, party branch secretary, representatives of democratic parties and heads of the group organizations, the old party members gloriously serving the party for 50 years, representatives of party honor winners and party member representatives, etc, more than 200 people attend the meeting. The meeting is chaired by the deputy secretary of party committee and the hospital president Chen Jun.



In the solemn national anthem, the party member meeting officially began. First of all, the congress commended the advanced individuals and collectives who have won honors within the Party in the past year.

Commendation of the Outstanding Party Members


Party Committee Members Tang Lijiang, Qin Guangyue and Chen Yuhong award medals to the Outstanding CPC Members of the Hospital in 2021

Party Committee Member and Vice President of the Hospital Song Boshan awards medals to the Outstanding Party Affair Workers of the Hospital in 2021

Party Committee Member and Vice President of the Hospital Wan Shu award medals to the Five-Star Party Branches of the Hospital in 2021

Party Committee Member and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection He Xiaobo awards medals to the Outstanding System of the Commission for Discipline Inspection

Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Hospital President Chen Jun awards medals to the Outstanding Party Affair Workers of the Party Committee System

Party Committee Secretary Yan Jing awards medals to the Outstanding Grass-root Organizations of the Party Committee System

Party Committee Secretary Yan Jing awards medals to the Outstanding CPC Members from the Provincial Organs

Glorious Medal Awarding

In 2022, a total of two senior party members at Zhejiang Hospital won the commemorative medals of Gloriously serving the party for 50 years. Party Secretary Yan Jing awards medals and offers flowers to them.


The original intention is as firm as a rock over the 50 years, the seniors gloriously serving the party for 50 years” are witnesses and writers of  the party history, are fresh values and are vivid textbooks; In the new era, young party members should follow the examples from the seniors, carry on the glorious Party’s traditions and fine styles of work, bear in mind their party membership, and continue to strive.



Oath to Join the Party

The oath to join the party, led by Party Committee Member and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, He Xiaobo, fifteen party representatives who joined the Party in June and all party members present held high their right fists and solemnly swore to face the bright red Party flag, “I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the Party's program, abide by the Party Constitution, and fulfill my party member obligations……” The oath is sonorous, the mission is in the shoulder, all the party members of Zhejiang Hospital will take the responsibility, forge ahead, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of the hospital.

Party Member Reception Hall

This year, the entire hospital has carried out the activity of “Welcoming the Party’s 20th Congress, and forging ahead the road of common prosperity, calling on party members and cadres to welcome the victory of the Party with practical actions, and the Party committee of the hospital launched the party building brand with the recognition of Zhejiang Hospital——“Party Member Reception Hall. The program is aiming to mobilize and motivate party members and cadres to play a vanguard and exemplary role, build an academic, think-tank and jointly-constructed Party Reception Hall, to provide new ideas for high-quality development of the hospital, and to contribute to the construction of health and common prosperity.

At the launch ceremony, Yan Jing and the party branch secretary representatives and party member representatives came to the stage together, gathered strength with hands, and pressed the start handprint, and the Party Member Reception Hall is officially launched.

The first session of the hospitals Party Member Reception Hall was also successfully held at the meeting. Party committee member Wan Shu, vice president, retired party member representative Tang Xinhua, party branch secretary representative Peng Fang, young party member representative Ye Lei as book referrals, told the story about themselves and books, shared the experience after reading, and sublimated the life perception. This part is presided over by Xia Wan, a young doctor of rehabilitation medicine department.

Party Lectures Delivered by the Secretary

Yan Jing delivered the share of party lecture Seizing the opportunity of high-quality development, and recreating new honors for Zhejiang Hospital.

He said that in the past year, the hospital insisted on leading the high quality of the hospital's quality development, cultivate new opportunities, open new bureau, pioneering and innovative, overcome difficulties, and achieved a series of stage results. In the next stage, to promote the high-quality development of health undertakings and help the construction of common prosperity demonstration zone to provide a strong guarantee, to welcome the twentieth great victory of the Party with outstanding achievements, the entire hospital should continue to raise the banner of thought, and gather the strength to forge ahead.

He highlighted that political piloting shall be accomplished——the political positioning shall be improved, and the firm political belief shall be erected, we should attach great importance to ideological and political development and to build community-level party branches, consolidate and expand the achievements made in learning and educating party history, and promote the deep integration of Party building business; strengthen ideological management and the construction of clean hospitals, and build a positive hospital culture and a clean and upright political ecology. Accomplish system guiding——improve hospital governance level, and boost the rapid development of the hospital, constantly promote the modernization of hospital management capacity and promote high-quality development with high-quality management by centering with the 14th Five-Year-Plan; Strengthen the talent team construction, establish the hospital talent stratified training system; seize the opportunity of inspection and rectification, to ensure the long-term healthy development of the hospital. Accomplish brand guiding——forge specialty features, and grasp the high-quality development tendency, condensing the hospital brand characteristics, and create a medical peak; Innovate the health care work of cadres, focus on "radiation leading"; promote the discipline by party building, enhance the discipline "signboard" with the party building brand; build an efficient and intelligent hospital, and play the role of digital empowerment. Accomplish cultural guiding——inherit the spirit of Zhejiang Hospital, and gather the forces for high-quality development, for 68 years of glory being engraved, and the deep planting of hospital culture; Carry forward the spirit of fighting the epidemic, bravely shoulder the mission of doctors; adhere to social welfare, and demonstrate the responsibility for the people.

Finally, he pointed out that the floor party members and cadres should quickly implement the provincial 15th party congress spirit, deeply understand the five strategic guidance and 11 important follow-on, with more solid work, more powerful measures, higher quality reform, promote the development of hospital work high quality, create the glory of Zhejiang hospital, to achieve the "two first" goal contribution to Zhejiang medical power!


This party member meeting concludes with the majestic song of The Internationale.

Edited by: Jing    Checked by: Long

Source: Organization and Personnel Department

Compiled by: Li Min and Jin Gewen from Organization and Personnel Department

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