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Teaching in White, Starting from here-“Zhejiang”, Enrollment Started for Zhejiang Hospital Resident Training Base!

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Hills and water combine into one at the lakeside of West Lake, and Zhejiang Hospital is protecting a piece of pure land in the bustling city.

It is fair to call it the most beautiful hospitalLingyin Hospital Area is located at the core of West Lake Scenic Area, with a beautiful environment. The staff commute through West Lake Scenic Area when they come on and off duty, and you could walk to the Botanical Garden 300 meters away during lunch break.

In four seasons of a year, there are blooming flowers in spring, shading trees in summer, red maple leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter.


Behind the scenery and landscapes are the historical accumulations from Zhejiang Hospital. After 68 years of ups and downs, Zhejiang Hospital has now developed into a leading diagnosis and treatment third-class Grade A comprehensive hospital of geriatrics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and emergency medical treatment for critical diseases. Competitive disciplines continue to develop, innovative disciplines are constantly emerging, with multi-center and multi-disciplinary coordinated development, and new technologies and new projects emerge in an endless streams, the two hospital areas are third-class Grade A comprehensive hospitals in rapid coordinated development, and they have accumulated rich experiences for the reform and development of the medical and health undertaking.

If you are still looking for a job on the road of becoming a doctor upon graduation or if you still looking for next platform carrying three-year career and quickly facilitating your improvement, now we sincerely invite you to start from here-Zhejiang Hospital! Zhejiang Hospital Resident Training Bases starts its enrollment!


  Introduction to the Hospital


One Hospital with Two Areas and Driven with Twin-Wheel

Zhejiang Hospital is affiliated to Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission. It was founded in 1954. At the beginning of its establishment, the hospital was mainly offering medical care for cadres and foreign medical treatment. It was fully opened to the public since 1979. It became an affiliated hospital directly under Zhejiang University in December 2020. Currently, it is a third-class comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, including Lingyin Hospital Area and Sandun Hospital Area, with 1,500 verified beds. Among them, Lingyin Hospital Area is located by the beautiful West Lake, adjacent to Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Flower Garden. It has a beautiful environment with dense woods. It is a provincial green hospital with a construction area of 66,000 square meters and a medical room area of 55,000 square meters. Sandun Hospital Area is located in the northwest of Hangzhou, with a construction area of 158,000 square meters and a medical room area of 110,000 square meters. It is the geriatric medical center of Zhejiang Province, the provincial geriatric treatment and rehabilitation center, research center, guidance center and the exchange and cooperation center at home and abroad.


Intelligent Zhejiang Hospital Fully Launched

The Intelligent Zhejiang Hospital is fully launched, the hospitalization experiences are continuously improved to boost the high-quality development of the hospital. The hospital is taking the lead in connecting into the Zhejiang Blockchain Electronic Billing Platform of Zhejiang Province, and its card-issuing rate of two-card integration and one network for all is ranking at the top among the provincial-level hospitals in Zhejiang Province, and it has become a vanguard in the province and among the provincial-level hospitals. Its the first in the province launching the shared wheelchair service, the AI medical treatment guidance robot Amy, with the largest volume Smart Pharmacy in the province, the largest-scale wide-cart logistic system in the province, Air 120 at Sandun Hospital Area and smart navigation system within the hospital……the internet-based hospital system enables the patients to accomplish their online medical treatment process without going out their homes; the remote ECG blood pressure monitoring system uses the most cutting-edge 5G network technology to expand the radiation boundary of hospitals through the application of artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology; and the AI + medical imaging helps with early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of lung cancer, and builds a precision lung cancer diagnosis and treatment system……


The Advantageous Subjects Are Punching

The hospital takes the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and the emergency medical treatment of critical ill diseases as the leader, forming a multi-disciplinary and multi-center coordinated development of the medical pattern. The hospital has initiated the first multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model of geriatrics in the province, opened the first comprehensive demonstration ward of geriatrics, introduced and used the geriatric comprehensive evaluation technology, pioneered the intelligent geriatric comprehensive evaluation software and promoted it in the province and even the whole country. In 2019, Zhejiang Hospital geriatrics became a key medical cultivation specialty in Zhejiang Province, helping to build the peak of geriatrics in Zhejiang Province. At the end of 2020, the hospital cooperated with Zhejiang University, and listed as Zhejiang Hospital Affiliated to the School of Medicine to Zhejiang University.

As a national standardized training base for resident doctors and a clinical training base for general practitioners, Zhejiang Hospital Medical Simulation Center is the leading medical simulation center in China. The advanced hospital-in-hospital mode is adopted to simulate the real hospital environment, and carry out basic skills training, specialized skills training and clinical comprehensive ability training for residents, specialists, grassroots doctors, and in-service in-hospital medical staff.


Introduction to the Base


1 national-level clinical key specialty: Intensive Care Unit

1 cultivation specialty jointly constructed by the commission and province: Geriatrics

1 provincial-level and ministerial-level key lab: Key Lab for Geriatrics in Zhejiang Province

1 provincial-level key scientific innovation team: Critical Care Medicine Scientific Innovation Team 

1 provincial-level international scientific cooperation base: International science and Technology Cooperation Base for Geriatric Research

1 provincial-level clinical research center: The Clinical Research Center for Critical Care Medicine

1 provincial-level engineering research center: Engineering Research Center for Innovative Diagnosis and Treatment Technology of Critical Care Medicine

1 provincial-level key medical discipline group: Geriatrics

3 provincial-level key medical disciplines: Geriatrics, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, geratology, critical care medicine support disciplines

3 provincial-level key medical innovation disciplines: Geriatric reverse age medicine, sepsis science, anti-aging medicine

3 provincial-level key TCM specialties: Traditional Chinese medicine massage cervical spondylosis specialty, traditional Chinese medicine osteoporosis specialty and integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment of sepsis specialty

2 provincial-level 13th Five-Year-Plan key TCM specialties: Geriatric Department, Rehabilitation Department


        Standardized Training Base for Resident Physicians

The first group of Standardized Training Base for Resident Physicians in Zhejiang Province

The first group of Standardized Training Base for Western Medicine Resident Physicians in China


        Training Specialties

Training Disciplines

Department of Internal Medicine

Surgery Department

Orthopedics Department

General Practice Department

Emergency Department

Neurology Department

Rehabilitation Medicine Department

Ophthalmology Department

Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Anesthesia Department

Radiololgy Department

Ultrasound Medicine Department

Medical Laboratory

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Intensive Care Unit



       National Specialty Physicians Standardized Training Base


Internal Medicine Critical Care Specialty

Internal Medicine Geriatrics Specialty

Surgery Critical Care Specialty


      Medical Simulation Center


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 Base Information


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Enrollment Information

Admission Conditions


Conduct by the principles of two-way selection, and overall deployment according to the unified deployment from Zhejiang Province Health Commission. According to the unified requirements from The Department of Science and Education, the National Health Commission, in principle, the standardized training for resident physicians will only be recruited by the national bases, and the cooperative units will no longer recruit new students.


Time and Manner for Enrollment


Registration TimeJuly 9th, 0:00 to July 15th, 24:00

Registration MethodThe applicants shall log in Medical Education Information Service Platform of Zhejiang Province Health Commission——Standardized Training for Resident Physicians, register an account and then complete the registration.


Tel for Registration Consultation: Science and Education Department 0571-87377024

Intention Filling Method: Each applicant is allowed to fill in three intentions, and each intention shall be corresponding to a corresponding specialty of the national base.



Training Treatment


Offer free accommodation for the trainees (3~4 persons share one room, with central air-conditioning, and 24-hour hot water supply), and offer national subsidies, meal subsidy, on-duty and night shift subsidies; the basic salaries and social insurances with equal conditions to the resident physicians of our hospital are also offered to the social trainees. Annual award evaluation; the library, clinical skill center and other facilities are open to the resident physicians; an outstanding teaching faculty led by Grade-AA tutors from University of Pittsburgh, and with opportunities of attending various academic exchange meetings and international exchange activities.



Take noble morality and excellent medical skills as the core value, take seeking health for the public, and seeking welfare for the staff as the mission, Zhejiang Hospital has entered into the era with two hospital areas and will work hard to build an international well-known and first-rate comprehensive hospital with distinctive discipline features in China. Zhejiang Hospital has accumulated rich experience in the standardized training of resident physicians, and has made full preparations in teacher training, clinical teaching, skill training and information management. We welcome all the students with the resident training plan to visit Zhejiang Hospital for the regular training, and spend three years of enrichment, growth and nice time together!