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Build the Golden Namecard of “Healthcare in Zhejiang” and “Longevity in Zhejiang”! “Integrated Healthcare and Nursing Strategy for 26 Mountainous Counties in Zhejiang Province” Project Research Sympos

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In order to further implement the CPC Central Committee under the State Council on strengthening the new era of senior work spirit, to boost the high quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration area in Zhejiang Province, and to achieve the objective and task of building the golden namecard of Healthcare in Zhejiang” and Longevity in Zhejiang, Zhejiang Hospital is implementing the Integrated Healthcare and Nursing Strategy for 26 Mountainous Counties in Zhejiang Province” project under entrustment from Zhejiang Provincial Government Research Office, and recently this project is begun in Qingyuan County.

Yan Jing, the Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital, Chen Xujiao, Director ofGeriatric Department of Zhejiang Hospital, Jiang Jianwei, Deputy Director of Qingyuan County Health Bureau, Zhou Shaoping, Director of Qingyuan County Civil Affair Bureau Pension Service Center and major person-in-charge from 2 medical communities from the county, person-in-charge from pension organizations, basic level medical and nursing staff and the main implementing personnel of the project team attend the research symposium. The symposium is chaired by Chen Xujiao.


Chen Xujiao introduces the specific contents of this project, Zhejiang Hospital as a national geriatric medicine research branch, national provincial geriatrics key specialty, provincial to build geriatrics key cultivating specialty, Zhejiang province geriatric diagnosis guidance center, Zhejiang geriatrics research international science and technology cooperation base construction units, in strengthening and perfecting the elderly service system and health support system and medical maintenance kang integration construction has played a positive leading role, and is continuously making efforts for overall promotion of the elderly health. Zhejiang Province is facing population aging, especially the Lishui Area has entered a deep aging period, therefore, it is urgent to solve the universality and accessibility of combining medical and nursing services, and the balance of regional development. Therefore, under the leadership of Yan Jing, the project leader, the project team will study the integration strategy of medical care and health care in 26 counties in mountainous areas.


 Jiang Jianwei, deputy director of Qingyuan County Health Bureau extends his welcome and thanks to the experts from Zhejiang Hospital for coming to the county for integrated healthcare research and investigation, and says the County Health Bureau and relevant medical institutions will fully cooperate, and hopes to get more attention and support in the subsequent project undertaking.

Yan Jing elaborates on the significance, development form, research method and research focus of the project of the Integrated Healthcare and Nursing Strategy for 26 Mountainous Counties in Zhejiang Province. He says that the 26 mountainous counties have the characteristics of remote and scattered geographical location, located in countryside, with few linkage to urban medical treatment resources, difficult to reach high-quality medical services and under-developed economy, etc, The majority of left-behind elderly people, and disability, semi-disability and dementia cannot be timely and effectively screened in the early stage, once it enters the disabled and semi-disabled state and cannot get effective care, it will bring about a series of problems, such as too high care cost and a sharp decline in the quality of life, This has become a weak board in the health field of the construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone. Effectively establishing an integrated medical care and health service system covering 26 counties in mountainous areas, and establishing a universal, affordable, affordable, efficient, homogeneous and closed-loop integrated medical care and health service model, is an important basis for building a healthy Zhejiang province and promoting common prosperity in the field of health care. This project has been highly valued by the leaders of the provincial government, and it is urgent to collect the development status of the new situation of medical care and health integration under the current normalization, analyze the bottleneck problems restricting the construction of the integrated long-term care system in mountainous areas, and put forward policy suggestions for the reference of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. He hopes that the relevant medical institutions and elderly care service institutions in Qingyuan County could give more valuable opinions and suggestions according to the actual situation, and jointly explore the integration mode of medical care and health care suitable for Zhejiang province. Combined with the actual situation of the county, the construction of a new pattern of integrated medical care and health services is not only to improve the quality of life of residents, but also to provide a practical basis for creating the golden name card of Healthcare in Zhejiang and Longevity in Zhejiang.

After finishing the symposium, the delegates of investigation team successively visit Zhukou Health Center of Qingyuan County, Pingdu Central Health Center of Qingyuan County, the nursing institutions for the aged in the county and the current status for healthcare, nursing and rehabilitation of the aged, which has provided practical experiences and theoretical research materials for the research and investigation work in the 26 mountainous counties.

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Source: Geriatric Department

Copy-writing: Jiang Biyan, Chu Jiaojiao, Chen Xujiao

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