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Awarding Ceremony Held for Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Research Workstation at Our Hospital

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On the morning of August 9, 2022, the awarding and project launching ceremony for Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Research Workstation of Zhejiang Hospital was held at Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital. Zhang Qimiao, Director of Patent Technology Division of Zhejiang Provincial Personnel and Social Security Department, He Jinku, Level II Investigator from the Patent Technology Division of Zhejiang Provincial Personnel and Social Security Department, Zhao Xuezhen, Director of the Postdoctoral Work Office of Zhejiang University, Shen Xiao, Professor from Preclinical Medical School of Zhejiang University, Wan Shu and Huang Jun, Vice Presidents of Zhejiang Hospital, Chen Jun, President of Zhejiang Hospital, Shen Jiong, Director of the Organization and Personnel Department of Zhejiang Hospital, Mao Genxiang, Vice President of Geriatric Research Institute and Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Geriatrics and two post-doctoral candidates Wu Chunzheng and He Jian, et al attended the ceremony.

Chen Jun said, under the leadership from the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Health Commission over the recent years, Zhejiang Hospital became an affiliated (non-directly affiliated) hospital of Zhejiang University Medical School in December 2020, since then, under the guidance from Zhejiang University, the high-standard focus positioning had driven the high-quality development of our two hospital areas. We will focus on building a new highland of integrating regional medical centers and integrating medical teaching and research, and contribute to the construction of a demonstration area for common prosperity. The party committee of the hospital attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, especially to the leading effect of high-level talents, we have greatly implemented the talent-driven hospital development program, have enacted many talent incentive policies including the Implementation Policies for Talent Attraction, Provisional Regulations for Postdoctoral Management Work and Management Rules for Attraction of Double Hired Professors, etc, so as to make efforts in promoting the high-level talent team construction. In 2021, we have successively attracted and signed 11 famous professors and young scientists from different subjects and disciplines in a flexible manner. In this year, we have further attracted 2 specially-hired researchers and assistant researchers, and this awarding and signing of the postdoctoral workstation is another new milestone for the talent work of our hospital. Undertaking the postdoctoral work has opened a new gate for the high-quality development of the hospital in future, has pointed out the direction for the scientific research work of the hospital, and has provided a new impetus for our medical scientific research work. The hospital will take the awarding of the postdoctoral research workstation as an opportunity to actively create and form a mode of jointly cultivating talents with universities and scientific research institutes, and drive and promote the construction of the system talent team. Prepare for the application to the National Postdoctoral Research Station.

Chen Jun said, “The hospital will certainly upgrade the training of scientific and technological talents to a new level. Through the construction of postdoctoral workstation, it will surely achieve more fruitful achievements in personnel training and technological innovation, to protect people's health and life safety, and to make new and greater contributions to the development of healthy Zhejiang.”

Chen Jun and Zhang Qimiao jointly unveiled the nameplate for the postdoctoral workstation.

At the same time, the three-party signing ceremony is held by Zhejiang Hospital, the cooperative tutors and the postdoctoral candidates.

Zhang Qimiao made a concluding speech, he emphasized that we should study and implement the important speech spirit from General Secretary Xi Jinping on the talent work of the Central Government, maintain four-facing, and reinforce the talent construction in the life health field. He said, the entire Zhejiang Hospital has attached great importance to the postdoctoral work, and I also wish the various undertakings of the hospital will achieve a rising development and will become a national-level postdoctoral scientific research workstation as soon as possible.

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