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Welcoming the 20th People’s Congress, and Forging ahead toward Common Prosperity——The 4th Staff Sports Meeting of Our Hospital Successfully Held

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In order to thoroughly implement the important discussion spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the sports cause, enrich the cultural and sports life of the workers, enhance their physical fitness, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of Zhejiang medical people, and promote the construction of hospital culture, the 4th staff sports meeting of Zhejiang Hospital with the theme of Welcoming the 20th Peoples Congress and Forging ahead toward Common Prosperity is held at Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou. The sports events of this sports meeting including broadcast gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, and swimming, etc, both highlighting the competition of sports and paying attention to the fun of sports. Totally more than 600 athletes participate in the meeting, and its the largest number of athletes participating among all the previous games.

Opening Ceremony

Youth is flying high, sports never end.  At 8 oclock on July 31, the 4th staff sports meeting of Zhejiang Hospital is successfully held at Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou. Yan Jing, the Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital, Chen Jun, the President of Zhejiang Hospital, Jin Xiaoqing, Vice President of the Hospital, He Xiaobo, the Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary of the Hospital, Song Boshan, Wan Shu, Chen Xinyu and Huang Jun, Vice President of the Hospital and other leaders attend the meeting, and the opening ceremony is chaired by Chen Jun.

Accompanied by the passionate Athletes March, the energetic entrance of the sports meeting officially begins. The 12 teams with units from various branch party committees line up gracefully with full enthusiasm and high morale, and they are smiling to show the unique spiritual manner of Zhejiang Hospital medical staff.

Yan Jing delivers a speech on the opening ceremony, and he says, over the recent years, under the leadership of the superior trade union and the party committee of the college, our college has carried out various forms of cultural and sports activities, which have enhanced the ideological cohesion and centripetal force of the employees, exercised the physical body and good psychological quality, and built a strong and high-quality staff team. Under the normal situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, the hospital has built such a platform for sports competition and enhance friendship, which is not only a great display of the spiritual civilization of the staff, but also a great review of the staff and the spirit of entrepreneurship, unity and struggle, and it is the comprehensive embodiment of the group consciousness, competition consciousness, team spirit and tenacious fighting spirit of each participating team. He hopes that everyone could pool their strength, integrate the sports spirit of "higher, faster and stronger" into the actual work, and promote the convening of the "two first" to a new level, and make new achievements!

Oath-Taking by Athletes Representatives

Oath-Taking by Referee Representatives

With the music of the ninth set of broadcast gymnastics, the teams participating the meeting are full of enthusiasm, they step, stretch arms, extend chests, turn around and kick legs……with standard and accurate movements, in effective and appropriate tension and relaxation, and it has fully displayed the healthy, positive, united and struggling image and favorable spiritual manner from the medical staff of Zhejiang Hospital.

Performances from the Broadcast Gymnastics Team


After finishing the competition of the broadcast gymnastics, the badminton competition formally beings. The athletes are full of energies, and their agile skills, skilled techniques and fierce buckle kills have won cheers from the audiences outside. The badminton team from the medical community Pinghu Peoples Hospital is also invited to this competition to have exchange competition with the badminton team of Zhejiang Hospital.

Top Eight Individual Players in Badminton Competition

Table Tennis

On the afternoon of July 31, the table tennis competition is held at the Elderly Sports Center of Huanglong Sports Center. Push, block, chop, pull, draw and parrel……the players participating in this competition have skilled playing techniques and superb playing skills. The small ping-pong ball is rapidly dancing on the table and is presenting a wonderful visual feast, with continuous cheers from the audiences.


Top Eight Individual Players in Table Tennis Competition


On the morning of August 7, the First Swimming Competition of the 4th Staff Sports Meeting of Zhejiang Hospital is held at the Swimming and Diving Hall of Huanglong Sports Center, there are competing events of 50-m, 100-m and 200-m, etc in this competition, and there are also fun events like 50-m life ring pushing and swimming with life ring, etc.


In the competition events, the participating players are competing in swimming, some are in breadstroke, some are in free style and some are in backstroke, some are forwarding ahead with arms and slashing waves, and they are competing to chase after each other. A wonderful water competition is being presented to the audiences, and the various swimming tracks are full of power of youth; the notes of life are jumping in the splashing water.


In the fun events, the participating players could enjoy the fun of current water hitting and flying boat in waves, which not only enhance the cohesion and team work capabilities of the staff, but rather enable the staff to relax in their busy work, to build up their bodies, so as to plunge into their work with more enthusiastic energies.

Performances from the Team in Swimming Competition

Team Performances on the Sports Meeting

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