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Enrollment Regulations on Standardized Training for Resident Doctors in Zhejiang Hospital

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Enrollment Regulations on Standardized Training for Resident Doctors in Zhejiang Hospital

Looking forward to seeing you in "Zhejiang"! Training Base for Resident Doctors of Zhejiang Hospital Is Recruiting Now!

Entering a new era of collaborative development of two hospital campuses, Zhejiang Hospital has seen robust progress: 66 years ago, Lingyin Campus started from the trees-dotted West Lake; 2 years ago, Sandun Campus shined with new vitality in the northwest of Hangzhou. Still looking for a way to becoming a doctor after graduation? Needing a platform that will take you to a higher level by better utilizing the 3 years? Now, here comes your chance!

Zhejiang Hospital is affiliated with the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, and is currently a Grade-III Class-A general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and health care. The hospital has two campuses, Lingyin Campus and Sandun Campus, with a total of 800 beds, 36 clinical departments, 21 wards, 11 clinical centers and 11 medical departments. Sandun Campus has 1,200 beds and a complete variety of departments in place, and is the first to introduce a center-based clinical treatment model, covering 22 departments in the treatment center, so that patients can enjoy perfect one-stop comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services.


Moving further as a smart hospital

To improve patient experience, Zhejiang Hospital is committed to intelligent hospital construction, from dispensing robots built with novel technology to the logistics cart shuttling back and forth in the hospital areas; from fully digital operating rooms to artificial intelligence-assisted imaging diagnosis. During the COVID-19 epidemic, it launched the service of "cloud-based re-prescription, door-to-door delivery of medicine" by fully taking advantage of its "Internet Hospital" features, and was the first provincial hospital in Zhejiang to provide online follow-up covered by provincial health insurance with dispensing services; it is the first one to offer "E-Caregiver Card", and proceed with strict implementation of " One Caregiver Per Patient" rule; it is also the first to launch the "pre-treatment robot". With continuous innovation and efforts, Zhejinag Hospital moves further as a smart hospital.


Further promoting the "West Lake Model"

Zhejiang Hospital has been committed to building a new medical care model, and in the second half of 2017, it signed a contract with the West Lake District Government to host the West Lake District Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, to implement the model of "ward areas in trusteeship with support from outpatient department", and establish service models including Respiratory Care Ward (RCW), Acute Post-acute Care Ward (PAC), Acute Integrated Ward and Rehabilitation and Care, Hospice and Treatment Ward for and many other medium and long-term medical and care service models. It adds "Class-A Standard Wards" in community hospitals, which combine community rehabilitation, medical treatment and hospice care to form a graded diagnosis and treatment model of "First diagnosis at the grass-roots level hospital, with a two-way referral mechanism in place and coordination between the higher- and lower-level hospitals". The "West Lake Model" has begun to bear fruit and has been further promoted through the launch of integrated medical, health and rehabilitation services.


Focusing on advanced departments

The hospital takes the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and emergency medical care of critical illness as its leading departments, forming a multidisciplinary, multi-center collaborative development of the medical pattern. It is the first one in Zhejiang Province to create the multidisciplinary geriatric diagnosis and treatment model, add geriatric comprehensive demonstration ward, and introduce and use geriatric comprehensive assessment technology. It is also the first to develop the intelligent software for geriatric-related comprehensive assessment, which has been promoted in the province and even nationwide. In 2019, the Geriatrics Department in Zhejiang Hospital has become a key specialty in Zhejiang Province, helping to build the "Geriatrics Peak" in the province.

Sandun Campus pioneered the center-based diagnosis and treatment model, changing the traditional department system in place for many years, and establishing diagnosis and treatment centers such as Heart Center, Brain Center, Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Center, Anti-Aging Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Respiratory and Thoracic Disease Center, Digestive and Abdominal Disease Center, Urology and Kidney Disease Center, Oncology Center, Hematology Center, Orthopedic Center, Rehabilitation and Medicine Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Center, Pediatric Center, Traditional Medicine Center, Dermatology and Venereal Disease Clinic, Oral and Implant Dental Center, Otorhinolaryngology Center, Optometry Center, Anesthesia and Pain Center, Imaging and Intervention Center. It adheres to the principles of "people-oriented", "whole-process care" and "low injury", performs comprehensive evaluation on patients, pays close attention to the acute phase and the subacute phase of the disease as well as the whole process of rehabilitation, so as to achieve a new integrated diagnosis and treatment model of prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation.

As a national standardized training base for resident doctors and clinical training base for general physicians, the Medical Simulation Center of Zhejiang Hospital is one of the premier medical simulation centers in China. The advanced "hospital-in-hospital" model, which simulates the real hospital environment, is used to provide basic skills training, specialist skills training, and comprehensive clinical training for resident doctors, specialists, junior doctors, and in-service medical and nursing staff.


Key Medical Departments and Key Specialties

1 National-level Key Clinical Specialty: Department of Intensive Care Medicine

1 Specialty Jointly Built and Cultivated by Zhejiang Provincial Commission: Geriatrics Department.

1 Provincial- and Ministerial-level Key Laboratory: Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Geriatrics

1 Provincial-level Key Science & Technology Innovation Team: Science & Technology Innovation Team of Department of Intensive Care Medicine

1 Provincial-level Base for International Scientific & Technical Cooperation: International Scientific & Technical Cooperation Base for Geriatric Research

1 Provincial-level Cluster of Key Departments: Geriatrics

3 Key Provincial-level Medical Departments: Intensive Care Medicine Support, Geriatrics, Geriatrics with Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

3 Provincial-level Key Innovative Medical Departments: Geriatric Anti-aging Medicine, Sepsis, Anti-aging Medicine.

3 Provincial-level Key Specialties in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Massage Department for Cervical Spondylosis, Osteoporosis Department, Integrated Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for Sepsis

2 Provincial-level "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" Key Specialties of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Geriatrics Department, Rehabilitation Department.


Standardized Training Base for Resident Doctors

One of the Standardized Training Bases for Resident Doctors of Western Medicine in Zhejiang Province

One of the first National-level Standardized Training Bases for Resident Doctors in China


Medical Specialties for Training

Medical Departments for Training

Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Surgery

Orthopedics Department

General Practice Department

Emergency Department

Neurology Department

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Ophthalmology Department

Otolaryngology Department

Anesthesiology Department

Radiology Department

Department of Medical Ultrasonics

Department of Clinical Laboratory

Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

Stomatology Department

Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Intensive Care Medicine





National-level Standardized Training Base for Resident Doctors


Department of Internal Intensive Care Medicine

Department of Geriatrics Internal Medicine

Department of Surgical Intensive Care Medicine


Medical Simulation Center


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Base Information


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Admission Information


Admission Requirements


According to the unified deployment of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, and sticking to the principle of "Two-way Selection, Overall Deployment", the main base will recruit first, and then select trainees based on the department capacity, the written interview results of the professional base, trainee's application or conduct second deployment of trainees to the cooperative unit.


Time and Way of Enrollment

Registration Period: Aug. 7 - Aug. 11

How to register: Anyone interested please log into the "Zhejiang Province Standardized Training Management System for Resident Doctors" (http://zjyxjy.zjwjw.gov.cn/) to sign up and complete the registration.

Tel: 0571-87377024 (Department of Science & Education)

How to fill in application form: Each trainee can apply for three units, each of which corresponds to a national base and its collaborating units (the three collaborating units are Zhongshan Hospital in Zhejiang Province, the 903 PLA Hospital and Hangzhou Tumor Hospital).


Training Benefits

The trainees are provided with free accommodation (3-4 rooms, with central air-conditioning and 24-hour hot water), state subsidies, meal subsidies, duty and night shift subsidies; social workers are also provided with the same basic salary and social insurance as the hospital's resident doctors of the same condition. Annual awards and merit reviews; library, clinical skills center, etc. are available to resident doctors; led by University of Pittsburgh Double AA Outstanding Teaching Faculty Team, trainees will have opportunities to participate in various academic conferences or international exchange activities.

With the core value of "Quality and Excellence" and the mission of "seeking health for the public and well-being for employees", Zhejiang Hospital is striving to build itself into an internationally renowned and domestic first-class comprehensive hospital with distinctive characteristics of departments by entering the era of two hospital campuses. For the standardized training of resident doctors, Zhejiang Hospital has accumulated a wealth of experience and been fully prepared in the areas of teacher training, clinical teaching, skills training, and information management. We welcome anyone interested to come to Zhejiang Hospital, and have a wonderful and rewarding 3-year period together with us!


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