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Famous German Nephrologists Visit Zhejiang Hospital for In-depth Exchange and Cooperation

On the afternoon of May 29th, Dr. Philip, Postdoctoral Researcher of Arthritis Research Center of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Principal Investigator of SPARK and DFG projects, came ..

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Start from point to cover all for overall promotion——“West Lake Mode” steps into a fast development period, boosting diversified development of health and endowment

The cooperative contract signing ceremony for Zhejiang Hospital and Fuchunjiang Group (Fuchunjiang Yaoyang Elderly Hospital) is held in Fuyang on May 28. Yan Jing, Party Committee Secretary of Zheji..

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There were 18 contestants with high level making many people moving in this speech contest

A few months ago, the smokeless war was blown by the winter wind in January, with the coldness. There is a group of people turning away, leaving a pale but it renders their red spirit and..

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Nutrition Department of Zhejiang Hospital Launched Health Consultation Lecture and Free Clinic in “2019 National Nutrition Week”

In order to actively respond to the call of Food Department of the National Health Commission and Chinese Nutrition Society, and earnestly implement the requirements of the Zhejiang Provincial Healt..

Author: Hits: 2806Time: 2019-05-16

Deepening the Implementation of Integrating Medical, Healthcare, Nursing and Rehabilitation in A Diversified Manner, Zhejiang Hospital Is Making Efforts in Forging A Model for Community Endowment

On the afternoon of May 13, the contract is formally executed between Zhejiang Hospital and Jiayuan Medical Endowment Group. Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community Self-built Medical-Rehabilitation-Nursing..

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Deepen and Improve the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment Capabilities China Heart Failure Center Certified Experts Visit Zhejiang Hospital for On-Site Examination

On May 13, the Heart Failure Center of Zhejiang Hospital welcomed the on-site examination from the headquarters of China Heart Failure Center. The on-site expert group consisted of Dr. Xu Yamei, att..

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"Showing the Excellence of Nursing Profession And Inheriting the Distance of Hibiscus Feelings" Zhejiang Hospital Held a Grand Event to Commemorate the Nurse's Day on May 12

Your smile is full of human affection, Your care is full of the tenderness of life, Your focus is full of professionalism, Your youth glows with the glory of struggle. ..

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Daily exercise like this "frozen shoulder" is the time to say goodbye

Disease is commonly known as "frozen shoulder", "shoulder condensation" and "fifty shoulder". It is considered to be caused by the lack of liver and blood, the weakness of kidney essence, the lack o..

Author: Hits: 2870Time: 2019-05-09

The "West Lake Model" Adds New Initiatives, And the Respiratory Care Center Provides Rehabilitation Treatment for More Patients

Ms. Qin, 62, had sudden unconsciousness, nausea and vomiting and no limb convulsions four months ago without obvious inducement. At that time, she was urgently sent to the local hospital for hospita..

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A Hundred Years of Youth, Dedicated to the Party And Making Contributions to the New Era, We Are Running on the Road of Chasing Dreams

Chinese youth should set up lofty ideals in the new era Chinese youth in the new era should love the great motherland Chinese youth should shoulder the responsibility of the times in the new..

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