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Synchronize with the internationalization of the city! Our hospital held a mobilization

In the afternoon of November 20, our hospital held a mobilization meeting for the 2019 annual internationalization hospital assessment. Yan Jing, secretary of the party committee of our hospital, ..

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Pectoralgia center is the "highway" of life - "China 1120 Heart Attack Treatment Day" and the launch of the popularization of emergency knowledge in Zhejiang Hospital

Time is heart muscle, time is life! In order to improve public awareness of the seriousness of heart attack and the importance of prevention and treatment, popularize the standardized trea..

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【World Antibacterial Drug Awareness Week】Curbing drug resistance, Zhejiang Hospital

Since November 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the first World Antimicrobial Drug Awareness Week, and since then, the third week of November every year is the "World Antimic..

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【Warm Doctors】Warm doctors, Warm people, warm hearts "improve medical services to enhance the patient experience" our hospital "warm doctors" 100 days of action officially launched

Some people say that the farthest distance in the world is not life and death, but the patient standing in front of the doctor, the doctor only saw the disease, not the person. In fact, medicine is ..

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Gathering of the best and brightest to draw a blueprint for long-term care - The 16th World Conference on Long-term Care in the Chinese Region was held in Hangzhou

With the change of population structure, the situation of aging is severe. For a long time to come, long-term care issues will plague many countries and regions. In order to promote the sustainable ..

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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】Employees who joined the hospital in the 1990s: Yu Ping, head of the finance section

I grew up with the hospital In 1991, I came to Zhejiang Hospital next to West Lake, No. 12 Lingyin Road. I worked in finance, and along the way, I witnessed the rapid development of the hospital..

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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】Employees admitted to the hospital in the 1980s: Gong Shijin, Director of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine

My hospital, my home In 1987, I was assigned to Zhejiang Hospital after graduating from university and have been working until now. At that time, the hospital's medical operations building was ..

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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】 Representative of the Hospital Admission in the 1980s: Ling Feng, Deputy Director of the Catheterization Department

For more than 30 years, I always stick to I was assigned to Zhejiang Hospital in 1988 after graduating from Tongji Medical University, and it has been more than 30 years since then. At that time..

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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】Employees who joined the hospital in the 1970s: Xie Songcheng

Forty years of medical engineering growth, witnessing the development of Zhejiang Hospital I entered Zhejiang Hospital in 1979, and it has been exactly forty years. At that time, the hospit..

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【Essay for the Hospital Celebration】Employees who joined the hospital in the 1960s: Zhou Jingjing

No regrets about the youth that blossomed like a flower at that time When I first came to Zhejiang Hospital, the hospital demanded that "we should treat patients better than our relatives",..

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