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A Huge Aneurysm in the Cerebrovascular Vessels Like “Sensitive Bomb” Could Be "Dismantled" in 1 Hour

Mr. Zhao (alias), 57 years old, began to experience headache , nausea and vomiting a year ago, was diagnosed in other hospitals with a right side vertebral mezzanine aneurysm . After surgery, the ..

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There still was love in the ICU during the Spring Festival, as the forefront of life and death!

Spring Festival holiday, for most people, was the most expectable period. Usually they spent times in meeting friends and families, traveling or taking the opportunity to reward their own hard..

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Starts from beginning, everything looks fresh and gay. Never stop on the road of dream pursuit! Happy New Year from Zhejiang Hospital

Put on white dress and face clinical patients, we are making our utmost efforts to fight for life; Hold breath quietly, with all concentration in the lab, and we are running for scientific rese..

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Being on duty for 24 Hours with Successful Treatment Rate of 100%. The Spring Festival Chatting Record of WeChat Work Group of the Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center.

"Ding" "Ding"   "Ding" ... ... In the occasion of Chinese people’s happy celebrating the Spring Festival, the WeChat work group of Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center was unusually busy, ac..

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   During the Spring Festival, everyone hopes everything goes well.There should be plenty of happiness and blessings in the Wechat Moments!     However,the bad thing ..

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Leaders at All Levels of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Health Committee Conveyed their Sympathy to our Front-line Medical Workers including the Medical Experts with Headlines of “Live Up t

On the eve of the Spring Festival, leaders at all levels came to our hospital to express their condolences for the New Year, to express their gratitude for the contributions made by the medical ..

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Our hospital 2019 Spring Festival holiday outpatient and emergency arrangements

Lingyin Hospital will be open on February 2 (Saturday) and 3 (Sunday); The clinic will be closed on February 4, 5, 6 and 7 (New Year's Eve to the third day of the Lunar New Year); the ..

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Excellent Moral and Superb Medical Skills and Moving Forward in Pursuit of Dreams -- Our Hospital Held the 2018 Annual Commendation Conference and Spring Festival Gala

Red plum dots, Panhu Despising Snow goes with the age; The beautiful day is harmonious, and Tianpeng brings good news with spring. Looking back on 2018, we are full of pride and work hard. Looking f..

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Save the high sugar crisis! Get out of the misunderstanding of glucose-lowering medication use

    China's diabetic patients are not optimistic about meeting the blood sugar control standards, which is greatly related to the lack of knowledge of diabetes, and many sugar lo..

Author: Hits: 2777Time: 2019-01-24

Life Rescue Demonstration, First-rate Training “Delivered-to-door” ——“120 National First-Aid Promotion Day Popularization Classroom Public Benefit Activity” Held

In order to further intensify the overall first-rate capacities in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas, particularly, the northwestern part of the city, to optimize the first-aid procedures, and effe..

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