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The public announcement on the participation in the declaration of 2021 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award "subtropical recreation forest construction key technology and medical e

According to the requirements of science and technology awards in Zhejiang Province, the information of the project "key technology and medical evidence of subtropical recreational forest constr..

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Introduction to the implementation of drug clinical trials

Drug clinical trial project establishment - implementation - closing general process instructions  1. Our institution project establishment adopts GCP platform electronic manageme..

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Contact information and Members of Zhejiang Hospital Ethics Review Committee

Dear sponsors and investigators.       For ethical inquiries in the category of registered clinical trials, please contact: Lingxi Zhang at 0571-81595022.      ..

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Descriptions of Standardized Physician Training for Hospitalized Physicians (Specialty) in 2021

 Totally 66 hospitalized physicians from 15 specialties including internal medicine, surgery, ultrasonics, radiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, emergency, laboratory medicine..

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Descriptions of Teaching at Zhejiang Hospital in 2021

Our hospital has totally received more than 300 trainees and intern students from more than 20 medical colleges and universities including Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wenz..

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Descriptions of Other Scientific Teaching and Training in 2021

Our hospital receives the first program of “Training of Geriatrics Talents” from The Aged Health Department of National Health Commission in 2021, the first team of 17 geriatrics talent training p..

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Version 4.0 Researcher’s Initiated Research-Ethic Review Application Guide and Forms

Various Researchers:      Please refer to the Ethic Review Application and Guide of updated Version 4.0 Researcher’s Initiated Research for submission of the ethic app..

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Zhejiang Province Medical Key Disciplines Introduction

Geriatric Medicine Key Discipline In 1998, the Department of Health of Zhejiang Province was included in the first batch of provincial medical key disciplines construction, and became the second ..

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Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics/Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics

Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics are both affiliated with Zhejiang Hospital, which is the only academic institution for the prevention and treatment of geri..

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Zhejiang Hospital Network Digital Library

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