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The 26th "World Dementia Day" is coming, how much do you know about the causes of dementia

The number of dementia patients worldwide is about 52 million, and there is one new dementia patient every 3 seconds; the number of dementia patients in China has reached 10 million, and the nu..

Author: Hits: 2856Time: 2019-09-18

Everyone participates in patient safety, our hospital held the first series of activities of "World Patient Safety Day“

At the 72nd World Health Assembly held in Switzerland in May this year, 194 countries jointly decided to name September 17 as "World Patient Safty Day" to focus on patient safety, increase public aw..

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"The most run once" With our hundredfold efforts, win the masses very satisfied

In order to further promote the "most run once" reform work, the West Lake District Public Security Bureau, Sandun police station adhere to the "people-centered" development concept, in the langua..

Author: Hits: 2895Time: 2019-09-18

National Dental Care Day, oral clinic + health lectures about

September 20 is the 31st "National Dental Day", this year's theme is "oral health, whole body health", and the subtopic is "brush and rinse with dental floss, clean teeth and gums to promote health"..

Author: Hits: 2880Time: 2019-09-17

Twinning help warms the hearts of people and promotes poverty alleviation! Our hospital and Kaihua County He Tian Township Weifeng Village poverty alleviation twinning

Just this past Mid-Autumn Festival, Xue Huizhi, a member of our hospital's poverty alleviation working group in the village, visited and consoled the low-income households in Weifeng Village of He T..

Author: Hits: 2844Time: 2019-09-17

Welcome the 70th anniversary of the charity clinic to warm the heart! Our hospital held a large public welfare activity to care for the elderly

With the passing of the years, everyone is slowly getting old. To care for the elderly today is to care for yourself tomorrow. Let's respect, love and honor the elderly together, and give health c..

Author: Hits: 2843Time: 2019-09-12

Advanced management, attentive service! National Training Course on Coping with Population Aging Visits Sandun Hospital

 On September 11, the national training course on coping with population aging visited our hospital, and more than 100 leaders from health care bureaus in charge of population agi..

Author: Hits: 2897Time: 2019-09-12

Famous scholars gather on the shore of Xizi Lake to plan new development of cerebrovascular disease! Our hospital successfully held the 2nd Zijin Cerebrovascular Disease Summit Forum

In the early autumn of September, with a high autumnal temperature and the dark fragrance of osmanthus, the 2nd Zijin Cerebrovascular Disease Summit Forum and the inaugural meeting of the Profession..

Author: Hits: 2849Time: 2019-09-10

All donations are love. Many hands make light work. The "Little Orange Lantern" school sponsorship project needs you, me and others

They are the children of human organ donor families, whose loved ones left the hope of life to strangers when they left this world, while their own families are in a difficult situation. ..

Author: Hits: 2848Time: 2019-09-08

Our hospital's 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday outpatient and emergency arrangements

Lingyin Hospital Holiday clinic open on September 13 (Friday) and September 15 (Sunday). Saturday clinic open on September 14 (Saturday). Outpatient clinic will resume normal from Septembe..

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