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A symposium on the Auditing the Implementation of the Comprehensive Reform Policy of Provincial Public Hospitals was Held in Zhejiang Hospital

On the morning of February 22, a special research symposium on the auditing the implementation of the comprehensive reform policy of provincial public hospitals was held in Conference Room 313 of Bu..

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[Convenience] "Love in Women's Day Sending beauty and health", Zhejiang Hospital launched a large charity clinic activities for the public

Care for women, starting from health. The upcoming March 8 is the 109th "International Working Women's Day". In this holiday belonging to women, Zhejiang Hospital will hold "Love in Women's Day Sendin..

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[The Road of Medical Aid to Xinjiang] --- A symposium with the Headline of “Cultivating the Xinjiang, Delivering Love on the Tianshan Mountains” on the Aid to Xinjiang was Held by Zhejiang Hospital.

On the morning of February 20, Chen Bing, deputy head of the talent group of Zhejiang Provincial Frontier Aid Border Command and deputy director of Aksu Health Commission, and another accompany visite..

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The 99-Years-Old Accidentally Fell and was "unconscious" in the ICU for 27 days and was Recovered.

" Thank you!” It's hard to imagine that the three words are coming from a 99-year-old lady who has been in a coma for more than half a month. ..

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Keep a foothold on a new starting point, and march toward a new journey, The 8th Congress of Workers and Staff and The 3rd Meeting to The 10th Congress of Trade Union Members Are Held at Zhejiang Hosp

Keep a foothold on a new starting point, and march toward a new journey, the 8th Congress of Workers and Staff and The 3rd Meeting of the 10th Trade Union Members’ Meeting of Zhejiang Hospital is h..

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[Recommendation] Zhejiang Hospital has Received Many Thanks! Provincial Health Committee Came to Investigate.

At the beginning of the new year, early morning of 13th,February,Su Changcong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Health Commission together with Yang Yanning, head of the Discipline Inspection Group, ..

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[Recommended] Valentine's Day! Be Careful of the Love Hug, she has a fracture just because of her husband's hug.

On valentine's Day, the couples on the street are busy with the holiday. However, in this special holiday, people must be careful of the love hug。 Not long ago, The San Dun division of Zh..

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[Health] Zhejiang Hospital completed the first case of internal thoracoscopy

Experts guiding this article Qin Guangyue Chief physician, professor, master's supervisor, deputy director of the Department of Internal Medicine and director of the Department of Re..

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Zhejiang hospital newspaper name collection order is here! Invite you to do the New Year "Koi"

The beginning of the new year, all things are new! In the year of the lunar calendar "Pegga", I wish you all things go well! "We are all running hard, we are all dreamers", in the new year, Zhej..

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Everyone has Returned Home, but You still Stick to the Position. --- Zhejiang Hospital Leadership Condolences in the Front-Line Staff.

The New Year's bell was about to ring, The distant traveler has returned home earlier. Outside the window, the sound of firecrackers greeted the New Year, In the sick area, the medical st..

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