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Our hospital held a new round of middle-level cadres to Selection and employment mobilization conference

In order to conscientiously implement the Interim Measures for the Management of Leaders in Public Hospitals, comprehensively deepen the reform of the hospital cadres and personnel system, effective..

Author: Hits: 2843Time: 2019-03-29

Innovation Model of Zhejiang Hospital Has been Praised Again!

In the morning of March 18, Chen Gang, party secretary of the Second People's Hospital in Aksu and his accompanies came to Zhejiang Hospital to conduct in-depth exchanges and negotiations with Yan..

Author: Hits: 2829Time: 2019-03-22

Consensus Building and Working with Motivation - Our hospital held the 2019 Annual Section Goal Management Responsibility Letter Signing Ceremony

In order to further strengthen management, strengthen the hospital's assessment of the work of departments, enhance the sense of responsibility and implementation of various departments, and activel..

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On the afternoon of 6th. March, Fu Xiaofeng, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Provincial Government, Chen Jinwei, Deputy Inspector of Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Wang Xiyuan, Deputy D..

Author: Hits: 2816Time: 2019-03-11

Zhoushan City Health Commission, Discipline Inspection And Supervision Group Paid A Visit for Further Inspection and Exchange

On the morning of February 28, Cen Huifeng, member of the Party Committee of Zhoushan Health Commission and head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team in Zhoushan Health Commission and J..

Author: Hits: 2716Time: 2019-03-01

A symposium on the Auditing the Implementation of the Comprehensive Reform Policy of Provincial Public Hospitals was Held in Zhejiang Hospital

On the morning of February 22, a special research symposium on the auditing the implementation of the comprehensive reform policy of provincial public hospitals was held in Conference Room 313 of Bu..

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[Convenience] "Love in Women's Day Sending beauty and health", Zhejiang Hospital launched a large charity clinic activities for the public

Care for women, starting from health. The upcoming March 8 is the 109th "International Working Women's Day". In this holiday belonging to women, Zhejiang Hospital will hold "Love in Women's Day Sendin..

Author: Hits: 2831Time: 2019-03-01

[The Road of Medical Aid to Xinjiang] --- A symposium with the Headline of “Cultivating the Xinjiang, Delivering Love on the Tianshan Mountains” on the Aid to Xinjiang was Held by Zhejiang Hospital.

On the morning of February 20, Chen Bing, deputy head of the talent group of Zhejiang Provincial Frontier Aid Border Command and deputy director of Aksu Health Commission, and another accompany visite..

Author: Hits: 2743Time: 2019-03-01

The 99-Years-Old Accidentally Fell and was "unconscious" in the ICU for 27 days and was Recovered.

" Thank you!” It's hard to imagine that the three words are coming from a 99-year-old lady who has been in a coma for more than half a month. ..

Author: Hits: 2823Time: 2019-02-18

Keep a foothold on a new starting point, and march toward a new journey, The 8th Congress of Workers and Staff and The 3rd Meeting to The 10th Congress of Trade Union Members Are Held at Zhejiang Hosp

Keep a foothold on a new starting point, and march toward a new journey, the 8th Congress of Workers and Staff and The 3rd Meeting of the 10th Trade Union Members’ Meeting of Zhejiang Hospital is h..

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