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The annual anointing clinic is back on Nov. 1

The cold wind is rising, it is the right time to take tonic! After the frost, it will be winter, as the saying goes: "winter tonic, come spring tiger". For many people in Hangzhou, winter tonic cr..

Author: Hits: 2925Time: 2019-10-29

The Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Hospital went to the First People's Hospital of Aksu District to participate in the research and flexible aid activities of "hospital to department"

On October 14, 2019, at 14:30 pm, a group of flexible aid experts from the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Zhejiang Hospital, including Directo..

Author: Hits: 2887Time: 2019-10-21

The crowd is soaring! The hospital deepens "the most run once" reform and the 65th anniversary of the founding of the hospital held a large-scale public welfare activities

On Oct. 19, "Wisdom and Sharing, Wisdom and Health for the Future: Our Hospital Deepens the 'Most Run Once' Reform and the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the Hospital" was held in both of our h..

Author: Hits: 2950Time: 2019-10-21

Perfect virtue and refined art pursue the dream of a new era, and forge ahead with a new chapter of health! Wisdom and health for the future - the 65th anniversary of the establishment of our hospital

The wheel of time is extended, forging the great medical sincerity. The years are like a song, blooming a thousand years of color together. 1954~2019, 65 years since the establishment of our..

Author: Hits: 2996Time: 2019-10-19

Healing the soul with reading, turning humanistic warmth into a "good medicine"! Our College and Zhejiang Library jointly build " Yuelan Bookstore"

Walking into the outpatient lobby of Sandun Hospital, behind the service desk on the first floor of the outpatient lobby, the brand-new " Yuelan Bookstore" is emitting the fragrance of books, and th..

Author: Hits: 2900Time: 2019-10-16

Youth section of the 7th Science and Technology Activity Week series of activities of our college was successfully held

In the afternoon of October 11, 2019, the youth section of the 7th Science and Technology Activity Week series of activities of our hospital was successfully held in the academic lecture hall of San..

Author: Hits: 2934Time: 2019-10-16

Create a comfortable, safe and efficient quality hospital - Our hospital held the final of 5S management project

In order to welcome the 65th anniversary of Zhejiang Hospital, improve the overall image of the hospital and the self-discipline of the staff, cultivate hospital culture, and enhance the sense of ..

Author: Hits: 2908Time: 2019-10-16

Strengthen the leadership of party building to promote the development of the hospital - Zhejiang Hospital held a training course for party cadres in 2019

In order to consolidate the results of the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission", further deepen the study and implementation of Xi Jinpin..

Author: Hits: 2905Time: 2019-10-15

Blood in the stool constipation is a trivial matter? It may be a distress signal from the intestines

Blood in the stool and constipation, many people take for granted that it is a trivial matter, wrong! It could be intestinal polyps, it could be hemorrhoids, it could also be colon cancer, if you g..

Author: Hits: 2810Time: 2019-10-14

This Saturday, a thousand free expert famous doctor number waiting for you to grab!

On October 19, the 65th anniversary of the founding of our hospital, a series of important activities of the wisdom of the same share wise health future hospital to deepen the "most run once" reform..

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