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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】 Representative of the 1990s admission: Lin Juan, head nurse of ICU (Sandun Branch)

I'm glad I made my choice In 1991, I was assigned to work at Zhejiang Hospital after graduating from Wenzhou Health School. At that time, there were few people and cars on Lingyin Road, exc..

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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】Representative of Admission in the 1990s: Cai Xiaoyu, Deputy Chief Nurse of Ward 22

Excited, I am the one who experienced it all Time goes by silently, from 1997 into Zhejiang Hospital, No. 12 Lingyin Road, where the birds and flowers are fragrant and the trees are green...

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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】10s Admission Representative: Zhang Hong, Emergency Department, Sandun Branch

And listen to the wind, drunkenly beautiful Zhejiang Hospital I still remember that summer, I dreamed of pure white, eager to go to the south of the Yangtze River, holding a flat boat, wea..

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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】 Representative of 00s Admission: Hu Wanling, Department of Preventive Health Care

 Work hard and make progress together Time flies, the years are like a song, and in a flash I have been working in Zhejiang Hospital for nearly twelve years. During this period, I witnessed..

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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】 Representative of Entering the Hospital in the 00s: Zhang Guopeng, Deputy Director of Logistics Management Center (presiding over the work)

I am proud, I grow with the hospital In 2002, I came to work at Zhejiang Hospital, along the way, I was fortunate to participate in the arduous process of the three dun hospital area from ..

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Prevention and control of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you and I walk together

As the weather gets colder, respiratory diseases enter their high season, among which the most important thing to watch out for is the onset of slow obstructive pulmonary disease. Chronic obstruct..

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The Department of Nutrition of our hospital has won several honors

The Department of Nutrition is a key discipline of our hospital, with 10 members, including 4 with senior titles, 1 doctor and 6 masters, and was awarded the title of "Advanced Group of Nutrition Sc..

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A variety of cartoons, and intelligent medical support! Pediatrics Department of Sandun Branch is upgraded

 The temperature of 4-year-old Xinxin (pseudonym), who lives in a family-friendly home, has been on the edge of her mother's mind since the change of seasons. Yesterday, Xinxin started coughi..

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" Great Health, Great Safety, Great Practice" Our hospital participated in the 2019 Comprehensive Exercise of Safety Production and Health Emergency of the Provincial Health and Health Commission

In the afternoon of October 30, our hospital Sandun Branch emergency, the first ambulance came whistling, "Quick, male, student, pushed and hit by the crowd, stepped on the abdomen, resulting in sig..

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Stroke prevention, you and I walk together - Our hospital in northern Zhejiang brain center was established to create a regional high level of brain medical highland

Today is the 14th World Stroke Day, and the theme of this year is "Prevention is the main focus, away from stroke". According to the requirements of the National Health and Health Commission CDC a..

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